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Who are you?

Growing up, the one question that I really had a tough time answering was "Introduce yourself". I did not know if I list all my so called achievements, my credentials, my relationships and my roles OR do I just talk about what interests me and what is top of mind for me.

As an avid life long learner, what interests me and what my role is has been changing quite a bit through the years. Having moved multiple times to different locations, I have never identified myself with a religion, nationality, sect, belief system or political view. I have also never identified myself as a role I play or as a credential I carry.

So this often simple question "Who are you"? has often been the most challenging for me to answer!

I now ask my clients to introduce themselves and I definitely see a pattern. I see people who have a list of achievements, accolades and take great pride in the roles they play. I also see people who hide behind "you do not really want to know me" curtains. But the clients that interest me the most are the ones that ponder on that question, like I used to and honestly, still do.

While we are definitely proud of our achievements, accolades, credentials, titles and family roles, there is something in us that is much greater than all of that. We are not any of these titles but we are much simpler and authentic than that.

The coaching Journey sets us on finding this "greater self" within us that is not identified with any socially accepted norms of identification. It is referred to as a journey because we are not going to be hitting any destinations, crossing any levels or assuring any success. But simply just peeling one layer at a time to find out that authenticity and simplicity within.

How do you know you are getting closer? Trust me, you will know! You will be less concerned with outside noise and truly will turn inward for all answers. You will feel that constant all the time even when you are stressed, angry or proud!

Why don't you give it a try? Call us for a complimentary session and experience the beginning of a Journey! The Journey of million miles always begins with a simple step! Take that step!

With Best Wishes~

Clear Resonance

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