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Look Inward

We hear that a lot. Look inward, find your answers from within. We meditate, practice mindfulness and start to believe we are looking inward. But what does looking inward truly mean?

Our Mind is a powerful tool. It can indicate patterns in our behavior. Looking inward just means paying attention to these patterns so we know what we can learn from them. There is always someone at fault, someone to be blamed, some situation out of our control and some social issue. But how are we impacted? Why are we impacted? What does that tell us about ourselves?

Looking inward starts with listening to our thoughts instead of being sucked into them, just observing our thoughts. Have no judgement or fear towards these thoughts. Feeling angry or frustrated is not "bad", being jealous is not "evil". You have a right to these emotions, it is coming from a place of deepest fear and insecurity. It could just be your inner child screaming for help.

So start by looking inward to see what you find. You may find trapped emotions and feelings, repressed anger, look for it and release it. That can set you on your journey of self inquiry. Once this journey starts, there is no looking back. Success is yours!

For a safe space to practice looking inward, call clearresonance. It is very similar to trying a guided meditation exercise before flying solo. We are here to support you. Wish you the best!

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