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It is that simple, give it a try!

Yes, it is that simple that a clear space can lead to greater clarity in thoughts. Not convinced? Give it a try! In just 3 simple steps you can experience a shift in your head space!

Step 1- Pick a room that you spend most of your time in and one which is not a shared space

Step 2- Spend a few hours examining every object in the room. If you need it and use it everyday, retain it. If it has not been used or touched or needed in the last few months, remove from the room. You do not need to discard, just find another space to save it in. Reorganize the room with what you retained. Add storage boxes, shelves or anything that would organize the space. Remember, declutter first before organizing.

Step 3- Add an indoor plant, incense, a lamp or flowers to brighten up. Leave the room, take a deep breath, re-enter.

How do you feel? 

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