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Heads, Tales or Hearts, what do you call?

Funny title? Yes, for every situation you are in, you can choose to call head, tale or heart! The choice is always YOURS.

The purpose of our head is well, it is a head, it stores memories, it calls out patterns, it tells you what the need of the hour is and what you need to do to in order to fulfill the need. The function of head is pure and simple, it is the machine or the 'doing' of our person.

The purpose of the heart is to perceive beyond what is experienced, to seek, to guide and here comes the word you are looking for, to LOVE. The heart has no rules, no mechanics, it is just the very 'being' of our person.

And now comes the tales (yes, intentionally spelt tale instead of tail)- So our experiences and observations are tales. They are the stories we create!

These tales are a combination of head and heart functioning as a team, the balance between 'being' and 'doing' so to speak. All is well in this world of head and heart creating lovely tales until something goes awry. The tales start to limit us, they become binding and they start to create havoc on our heart and make our brain find emergency rescue!

Whenever something in your life appears to be 'off', first step is to acknowledge that it is a tale. And your head is going to tell you to find a remedy, a quick fix, but your heart is going to tell you to act out of love. If you listen to your head, it will remedy the situation temporarily but if you listen to your heart, the remedy is going to be the cure.

And that is the reason why every situation you are in, YOU have the choice. Do you call heads, heart or Tales?

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