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Show up as the parent YOUR child needs YOU to be!

In this day and age of information available at fingertips, we as parents are sometimes overwhelmed with the "Shoulds", the "Woulds", the "Ifs", and the "Buts". We find ourselves questioning the littlest of things fearing that just this one thing would mess up our children. The fear of somehow messing up our kids stops us in the tracks from showing up as our authentic selves to our kids. We get trapped in cycles of analysis paralysis and get caught up on all these micro-decisions on what we should say or what we should do that takes up mind power and energy. And we feel drained at the end of all this, that we slowly start withdrawing from enjoying the process of parenting. We "should" our kids and "should" ourselves. We start losing our connection to our authentic self and scanning the ideas and perspectives and ideologies that are out there on how we should show up for our kids. Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, know that you are not alone! I have experienced this sense of overwhelm with information coming from everywhere on recipes for a fool-proof way to parenting. All the information is written with really good intentions and it may work for some. I was one of those parents who was overwhelmed with the information and it did not work for me. All along a voice inside of me was not in harmony with the information being presented on the outside that led me to be in misalignment. "Should I give antibiotics or should I not?" .. .. "Should I give a consequence for a bad grade or let the natural consequence take over?" , "Should I have a reward chart or not? "Should I not allow them to withdraw from an activity or should I?" and the micro-decisions were endless... Does this all sound familiar? Yes! Your inner being is already rooting for you to show up as the unique parent for the unique child that you brought into this world! YOU have all the answers within! You know what is needed precisely for the situation you are navigating.

So... you might ask... this resonates and I get all this! But, how do I start my journey to start parenting from the inside out? How do I tap into my own intuition which is hidden behind layers and layers of perspectives and ideologies of information? Welcome home, my friend! Once you ask yourself, these two questions, you have started the journey of turning inward to seek answers from within!

Your child needs you to be your authentic self. They don't only hear words, they sense the energy behind those words. They sense the alignment behind those words. When you raise yourself to be in harmony with everything and everyone around you and tune into your inner being, you come into alignment with who you truly are. You start shedding the shoulds and labels and turn into your authentic loving and compassionate nature.

When the words you offer comes from your inner knowing and on what is best for the one you brought into this world, your child embraces it and imbibes it without any resistance! When your words mean one thing, and your thoughts and feelings radiate something different, your child can instantly read that discord.

I am so grateful that you have come so far in reading this article! This shift of dropping what does not serve you as a parent and embracing your authenticity and inner knowing is already in motion! Will this be an overnight change? Probably not! But, will this happen with steady inner growth work? Absolutely! You have always had this knowledge within you. Maybe this article is just a reminder to all that you already know. Just the remembrance and realization of something you already know reaffirms this back into your awareness. And with this awareness starts the metamorphosis and transformation an authentic and connected relationship between you and your child!

This is a constant inner growth process that is with us throughout the role of parenting. From parenting a newborn to being a connected parent with your adult children. The beauty of this process is that the role of being a parent also is an opportunity to grow spiritually.

You got this, my friend! If you feel guided to ask for support with this inner growth journey, we are just a click away from an intro coaching call! We are not here to offer you solutions or advice on how to parent your child because YOU are the expert in that. We are here to offer the space and presence for you to draw your own intuitive answers from within. If you feel guided to have an intro call, please visit our home page and click on book online to schedule a call!

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