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Play to your strengths!

Do you feel like you are not good enough? We all have had those feelings at times! You are not alone. In my quest to find the root of what is going on in my head when I sense those feelings, I stumbled upon many beautiful people and mentors who appeared to provide me with a continual stream of messages that finally fit into a whole for me today! And I am sharing this message from a place of joy and contentment to those of you who stumble upon this post!

The essence of the message is...

Play to your strengths! Appreciate others strengths for what it is. Appreciate the connection through which people find their strengths. Appreciate your yearning to expand into other areas and learn. But never play to your areas of improvement from a place of lack, but play it from a place of creative growth.

You see, we are all ever-evolving. You have gifts to share with this creation and so do others! The question is are you busy admiring the connection that people have found to express their gifts, or are you turning inward to find your gifts? Are you feeling unease that you have not yet found your gifts, or are you enjoying the journey of finding it?! Are you judging your growth in areas where you feel the calling to grow into and becoming impatient, or are you excited and in awe of the creative process that is causing that yearning?

After all, what is the fun in the game if you just show up to the game, make a move and win? The fun lies in the anticipation, the participation, and the excitement to continually get better at the game.

So that's it my friends! It is making so much sense to me that I couldn't stop myself to share this with anyone who is meant to see this post!

Love and Light,


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