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Love social media?! Do you love yourself when you are on it though?

Let me start by sharing my story.

10 years back, I followed the social norm and registered on the social media platform that was popular at that time. I had over 300 'friends' and everyday I used to spend a good 2 hours looking at every single excruciating detail of how people are living their lives. There were pictures of vacations, touching stories, call for help, life events and a lot more. It felt really nice to be connected to all my 'friends' lives without actually being in their space.

After the 2 hours on social media, I would look at my life and notice how boring and uneventful it was. There was nothing fancy going on in that moment , obviously because all I did was spend my time staring at a screen.

So I gave in and started planning events that would look good on my page and would awe my friends the same way their stories awe me. Clearly, I was not comfortable with that at any point but I just gave in to, you know, the need for approval!

So there started my story of being totally attached to the outcome of every action. I had already decided how every action needs to end (something that would look good in pictures and on my 'wall') . In the process, I was more stressed focusing on that outcome to come to fruition instead of enjoying what I was doing.

This lasted for a good week!! Well, that is how long it took me to understand that I was really frustrated and dissatisfied with the way I was approaching social media platforms. The information overload was not really helping me in any constructive manner.

So I tried to limit my time on the page but realized it was much harder than I thought it was! It was like a black hole sucking me in and all my light in with it. I had to make it stop. So I just deleted my account.

10 years later, I now realize that what I went through was just a resistance to information overload. With so much information being freely available, Knowing what to do, how to do it and what it leads to and just using ALL the resources to come up with a PERFECT solution may be worth the words 'killing it' for some but for me it was more like 'it's killing me'!

I kind of enjoy not being so perfect. I enjoy figuring things out and my aha moments and just going with the flow. I enjoy the fruits of hard work. We are all here to learn and we do learn best when the information we are looking for is the information that is presented to us. I choose to 'seek' information and learn at a pace that is comfortable to me. I think the moral of my story was I loved social media but I wasn't loving myself when I was on it.

What is your story? And if you are resonating with this blog post in some way and would like to just talk through your experience to figure out what works for you and the true you, give us a call here at Clearresonance. We would love to support you through finding your comfortable pace!

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