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Hey! Have you met someone named yourSelf?

Yeah your 'Self' who connects and speaks to you the most.

It is really simple. In any situation, you have a voice telling you how you truly feel and a voice telling you how you 'should' feel. So here is a 3 step process for you. When you hear the voice that tells you how you truly feel:

Step 1: Shush the voice long enough, you landed on the perfect recipe for inherent stress!

Step 2: Listen to that voice and give it words, yeah you judge yourself but there is a lot less stress.

Step 3: Listen to the voice, give it some love. Tell yourself you have a right to feel that way, and there you go: say Hello to your dear friend, yourSelf!

You do not need complex psychological theories or be spiritually awakened to follow this simple 3 step process. What may help though is a space where you can be honest with yourself and take out the judgement. No matter where you are in the process, a life coach can support you to get introduced to your true genuine self.

Schedule a discovery session to learn more!

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