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Catching our self on a downward wave!

Have you had a rough day? A day when you were presented with an unpleasant situation that went against your core values and you were triggered to react? We are all humans and I had a share of one such day recently. Someone I know exhibited behavior that I never expected from them. What did this do to me? The first few thoughts were -

How did this happen?

How did I allow this to happen?

Did I not know this person enough?

Why did this happen?

How can I fix the damage that has been done?

How can I heal this other person and make them feel more accepted so this does not happen in the future?

And I went into full reaction mode! Wait... I thought with years of spiritual practice I knew that we respond to the situations after collecting ourselves and do not react. But, through this experience, I realized that I could not catch myself before I reacted because the trigger was huge and through inner work, I had come to know myself enough that I had to speak up and question this behavior. But, I didn't know how to question this behavior when all my focus was on the damage that was done and my assumptions on how much effect this damage will have. And once I reacted to this situation, it put me in a vibrational state, where my inner power went down and I started attracting more similar situations. Fortunately, I caught myself when the wave just started turning downward. And I applied brakes. I said to myself that this is a huge calling for a reset. I had to prioritize my inner well-being. I decided to do a few things:

  1. Journal and pour all my thoughts on paper

  2. Take a day off from work and chores to allow me to relax and be present

  3. Talk openly about who I am and why I reacted to the person involved in the situation

  4. Ask them to explain more on why that happened and just listen with a pure and open heart

  5. Co-create a strategy for preventing this in the future.

And as I did all this, I started being more humorous and cheerful around everyone back again. Did I see the universe present more situations to test if I still react? Yes! Did I react? No! It was a fun game now for me and I said to myself, I am going to stand in my power of acceptance and presence and learn the lessons gracefully. And over the next few days, I saw more pleasantness come into my life! I started sensing inner gratitude and ease. Should I say, I learned a new lesson and also developed more acceptance for how to deal with situations when my core values are questioned?

Grateful for the contrast to be able to become more self-aware and raise my inner resilience and power! Does any of this resonate with you? If so, would love to hear your comments!

With Gratitude,


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