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Can you benefit from coaching?

Coaching is powerful! There is no denying that! But can YOU benefit from coaching?

Let's try to answer a few questions below. Remember, honesty is the key!


What makes you happy?

- How long did you take to answer that?

- How much of your response was tied to 'things' , to 'needs' and how many to 'people/living beings'

- Are you happy?


What makes you angry/sad/frustrated/stressed?

- How long did you take to answer that?

- How much of your response was tied to 'others'

- How stressed are you?

Now sit with your responses for a few mins... just let it sink in... take a deep breath...

Were your responses to what makes you sad much quicker and easier than what makes you happy?

If so, that is just an insight that you knew was in you all along but just came to surface. You are not alone if your responses startled you..Most of us have been there or ARE there where we have more stress in our lives than we have the threshold for!

So yes, coaching is for you. It is not a magic pill or a secret elixir that grants happiness! However, coaching supports you through your journey of being patient with yourself for being Human. Through a slow and steady process of uncovering what truly makes you happy and also identifying your triggers for sadness , you gradually accept parts of you that are denied, unheard or pained. You slowly but steadily, recognize them, accept them and release them only to replace that space with more of what you love. The transformation that you see is simply mind blowing!

Not convinced? Book a free discovery session to find out more. Try a session to experience the power of coaching. Remember though, Honesty is the key! :)

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