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Be and let others be!

The recipe for a happy marriage or any happy relationship is very simple - You be and let others be! When we try to impose our will on another, and we want it our way, is when we put the seeds of disharmony in place. When we all have unique fingerprints, what makes us think that we can all have the same thoughts, beliefs, preferences, and attitudes? Someone may be a food lover, another may be a health enthusiast, and yet another may be just a happy go lucky person who loves to watch movies. And when all of us are put together in a household, and we all want each other to become a mini version of us, how does that house look like? It is like looking at an apple tree and wondering why it is not giving oranges!! Nourish the apple tree so it can stand tall as an apple tree and not limit itself in feeling less because it cannot give out oranges. Seeing one's innate joy and strength and standing by them to cheer them on is so empowering! And yes, there are chores to be done, dishes to be washed, but all of that becomes organic when there is a deep-rooted sense of respect and connection within the home.

Celebrate each other for who they are and let others be! When we choose to follow that simple formula, we find that all of a sudden we see the path to freedom open up! We start living an untethered life and wake up with energy and enthusiasm to live our beautiful day ahead on our terms!

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