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Meet Dharshana

Hi! Thank you for stopping by to say hi! I would love to get to know you as well!

My name is Dharshana. I love helping people uncover their own answers from within for any life questions they may have at the moment. My journey of tuning in to myself for guidance started in my childhood. I moved a lot in my childhood to different parts of the country and as part of that, I had to learn early on to adapt to new situations with ease. So I started seeking that connection from within early on in my life. As life had it, I moved countries from my country of birth all the way across the world to the States. With the move, came many differences starting from culture, missing my parents, sister, and extended family that was my steady source of support. Leaving many nostalgic memories behind, I landed in the new country at a time of crisis with 9/11 and recession and though it was very scary at the time for me, my connection to my innate truth and self and the higher spiritual guidance kept me going! Fast forward many years, I am now a working mom and wife raising two teenagers in my new home country and still grounded in faith, higher guidance, and perseverance to ride life's ups and downs with the anchor of grace. 

I have learned through life that the power of faith, alignment with higher self, surrender, and complete acceptance of what-is leads to freedom and light-hearted living. Life is a series of moments and the good news is that every moment is new! And this time and space reality that we are in is an illusion. We sometimes interpret and diagnose life's every moment and try to find meaning and reasons for what happened and why it happened, but the reality is that life is much like a movie with a lot of roles we play and many characters we interact with. Every moment and interaction in our life is for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. It is there for us to discover our true self and in turn, dissolve our subconscious patterns of limiting beliefs and survival patterns of fear/guilt/anger, etc. both of which keep us tethered to the human experience. What we see manifesting outside of us is simply what we feel inside of us. Our external world is a mirror of our inner thoughts, feelings. beliefs and actions. When we start making that connection of the external manifestation as a projection of our inner world, we start to see transformation happen within which then leads to a change of weather outside! It is a fun journey and makes life a fun ride!

Are you ready to make this connection? What circumstances do you have in your life that you see repeating? What are some of the beliefs you are holding? Are those beliefs serving you? Are you tuning into your divine higher guidance regularly to tune in to peace and calm? Are you ready to discover yourself, accept who you are complete without judgment? Are you ready to develop self-compassion for yourself and all beings around you and step into an empowered state of being? Do you see the possibility of only having to accept your current reality and transform your inner patterns to find bliss and calm regardless of what your outside circumstance looks like? You only need to look within, everything external stays outside. And it is possible to find inner joy without having to change the external situation.

If you answered YES to the questions above, I am thrilled to work with you to help you find your own answers from within that resonate with your being! I have also undergone professional training and certification to learn the tools in a structured environment to be able to serve you. Sometimes, detaching from patterns and observing it from a higher vantage point offers new perspectives. Transformation is not easy, it is a process of adopting a new mindset and habits! But, ask yourself - do you want to continue to be where you are in the next 1 year/3 years/5 years.. ? Or are you ready to drop those old patterns and emerge into your new self and reach for your dreams and purpose in the next 1-3 years? The choice is yours! As your coach, I will guide you through five stages of transformation! We will work together for 3-6 months through the wheel of transformation to reach for the change you are looking for!

I offer this coaching as a service to live my mission of helping people tune in to their own power for navigating life with a sense of grace, gratitude, compassion to self, relationships, all beings, nature, our planet, and our whole existence. 

If you have any questions for me or would like to speak to me, please feel free to send me an email. Looking forward to connecting with you in one way or the other! 

With Gratitude, 



JSCS Certified Life & Success Coach 2020
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